Annoncør: Blue Cat Audio
Lokalitet: Sydjylland
Produkttype: Intg. Forstærker
Annoncetype: Tilbud
Garanti: 0 mdr. og 2 år
Indrykket: 24-11-2018
Udløber: 22-12-2018
Audion - Silver Night 300B Special Edition MK4
Den bedste forstærker vi har i vores sortiment, som enhver entusiast har råd til.
Vores absolut bedstsælgende forstærker - det findes bare ikke bedre.

"The Audion Silver Night 300B Special Edition are all hard wired and hand built. This amplifier was a huge hit at the August 2014 California Audio Show. No one could believe the sound. Attendees came back again and again to marvel at this new amp's dynamics. Other exhibitors came into the room asking to replace their expensive 300B amp with an Audion Special Edition. No one could believe how linear this amp makes a 300B tube. Aside from brute force, the 300B Special Edition reproduces subtleties and nuances in music that cannot be found in other amps of this price. Auto biased and a very conservative watt ratings which is equal to almost twice their rating if tested by competitors methods".

"If you enjoy greater transparency and more emotional content from your music you should experience what a single-ended triode amplifier can really do..and if you are considering investing in a quality valve amplifier with 21st century looks and reliability, … the Audion Silver Night Special Edition deserves to be placed pretty high up on your audition list. … Lucious, transparent midband combined with a sweet treble have been enhanced by excellent choice of components, solid silver point-to-point wiring, ultra clean power supplies and superb matching of high-quality transformers, wound in-house".

Pris er som effekt med volume kontrol. Merpris som integreret er 2999,- og yderligere med fjernbetjening 3999,-.

Øvrige informationer om dette tilbud:
Tilbud oprettet: 24-11-2018
Tilbud udløber: 22-12-2018
Garanti: 0 måneder og 2 år
Pris: 35999 DKK
Silver Night Special Edition MK4
Kontakt : Blue Cat Audio
Blue Cat Audio
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