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Lokalitet: Odense
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Garanti: 0 mdr. og 2 år
Indrykket: 07-11-2017
Udløber: 05-12-2017
Brugt tilbud:
Audio Research PH5 Phono Stage
Audio Research PH5 Phono Stage
Står tæt på som ny, med nye rør.

The PH5 throws a huge soundstage, locating performers precisely within it. To use a visual analogy, it’s as though the performers’ space is bathed in sunlight, letting you see details you’ve never seen before. But those details are completely integrated into the context of the music, not extraneous sounds that pop out of the mix unnaturally. The overall sound is organic and believable, assuming the recording is believable. If the recording was inexpertly cobbled together from various isolated musicians in sound booths or a multi-miked affair, you’ll hear its defining characteristics clearly.
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Tilbud oprettet: 07-11-2017
Tilbud udløber: 05-12-2017
Garanti: 0 måneder og 2 år
Pris: 9000 DKK
Kontakt : VassagoHiFi
Kronhjortløkken 226
5210 Odense NV
TLF.: 53710201

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