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Cayin CS-6PH Phono pre amp
Annoncør: Blue Cat Audio
Lokalitet: Sydjylland
Kontakt: kontaktbluecataudio.dk
Produkttype: RIAA
Annoncetype: Tilbud
Cayin CS-6PH Phono pre amp
Nyeste skud på stammen af lækkert håndlavet grej fra Cayin
Dette er nyest produkt fra Cayin - en phono pre amp til både MM og MC.......


CS-6PH offers two Phono Inputs, which are MM and MC. It is suitable for the most demanding cartridges as it supports the connection of record players with two different cartridges or the connection of two record players, each having a different cartridges MM or MC. A single selection on the front you can choose to operate MM or MC Input.
CS-6PH is an all-tube phono preamplifier like the other Tube Amplifier from Cayin. Two pieces of 6922 from Electro Harmonix are used for MC Amplification, Two pieces of ECC83 from JJ Electronics are used for MM Amplification with highly accurate RIAA equalization networks. In CS-6PH the signal is then directed to 12AT7 serving as the Output Stage. Furthermore CS-6PH employs two RCA 22DE4 for Tube Rectification to reproduce the true analogue sound.
LOW/MED/ HIGH Gain switch is located on the front of CS-6PH with different setting, the Gain may be changed from 40dB to 57dB, 61dB or 65dB. Typically the 40dB is for moving magnet cartridges and the 57dB, 61dB and 65dB Gain settings are for moving coil. Your CS-6PH comes factory set for 40dB.
Input Impedance/Input Capacitance:
Out of factory CS-6PH is set to 40dB and 47k ohm/47pF for MM. It is a good starting point for most users. With the CAP Switch on the front Input Capacitance of MM can be adjusted. You can choose to use 47pF or 100pF for MM.
CS-6PH is equipped with a flexible set of cartridge loading options. Input Impedance of MC can be adjusted to meet the needs of any cartridges among 47 ohm, 100 ohm, 200 ohm, 470 ohm and 1000 ohm. Impedance Selector is located on the right of the front.
In order to achieve the best sound results a Low Pass Filter circuit has been used preventing low frequency deflections. On the front there is Rumble Switch where you can choose to switch it on.
CS-6PH offers Balanced Analogue Output as well as Unbalanced Analogue Output that you can connect to a wide range of Amplifiers.
Power Supply:
With more than 20 years of experience on development of Tube Amplifiers Cayin has always developed its own Transformers with its own technology. In CS-6PH we have specically designed one EI Power Transformer for power supply. Combining with low noise voltage regulation circuit CS-6PH guarantees a pure, low noise and stable Power Output.
Whether in a basic configuration or fully equipped, each CS-6PH Phono preamplifier is assembled by hand in our factory by highly qualified technicians. A final multi-stepped quality and listening test checks not only each switch and every functionality but also makes sure that the sound is up to reference standard.

Premium Parts:
Audio grade capacitors and carbon film resistor, EI transformer for power supply, Ceramic tube sockets, High End Relays, etc.
Easy Operation:
CS-6PH has been designed with Knobs and Switches on the front giving customers easy to operate and select. One single push or Turn you can enjoy the the music you want to have. Most importantly with a customized software CS-6PH can memorize last operation once switched off. As a result once switched off and on again you do not need to check and worry about the setting again. Just switch on and what you want to listen to are at your ears.
Protection and Long Lifetime:
In order to run system safe we have included a soft start ciruit in the Phono Preamplifiers. Just wait for about 60 seconds and it will give the tubes a period to warm up. After warm up CS-6PH will operate in its stable and best condition. Have kids at home? We also included one easily intalled tube cover for protection so that you do not need to worry about the hot tubes.
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Øvrige informationer om dette tilbud:
Tilbud oprettet: 16-11-2022
Tilbud udløber: 14-12-2022
Garanti: 2 år og 0 mdr.
Pris: 16999 DKK
Det nyeste fra Cayin - en lækker phono riaa.
Kontakt : Blue Cat Audio
Blue Cat Audio
Østerbrogade 15
7200 Grindsted
TLF.: 50450661 eller 31375411
Mail: kontaktbluecataudio.dk
Link: http://www.bluecataudio.dk
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